Yesterday I had a dental appointment that I was quite looking forward to. It turned into root canal treatment with (at first) insufficient anaesthetic. I’m not looking back fondly on the appointment now.

Apart from the clenched hands, rolling tears and closed eyes, what was going on with me? Prime numbers. Yes, dear reader, I got through the ordeal by thinking of prime numbers and I got as far as 601. The allure of the prime number has only struck me in later years. I didn’t enjoy maths as a youngster and ditched it as soon as possible, so thinking about numbers isn’t something I normally do, which is perhaps a good thing. I don’t mind prime numbers being associated with excruciating and expensive pain.

So…. 601- mental pinnacle of the treatment; 71 minutes – the duration of the treatment; £321 – the cost of the treatment. I also got to 77% of my reading book last night (Life and Fate) and got up to episode 4 of series 3 of Breaking Bad.

Oh, and 45 minutes waiting for a friend who failed to turn up for badminton (£4.20 – which was kindly refunded).




White Rabbits. My day in reverse

So this evening I have emptied three (I think) bags of Guide paperwork dating back from 2008. The purging is good and I am seventy pence richer than I was, and I do wonder why I never did it before. Och well, am on the case now. Watched Charlie Brooker’s 2012 wipe and had a good, hearty chuckle. 

This afternoon we set off to Dodds Wood near Bassenthwaite lake for a bit of a climb. It rained all the way there, and I was bemoaning our late set-off as the morning had been glorious (exaggeration alert. The sun had been shining.) As ever, it wasn’t as bad out of the car as it seemed to be from the cosseted heated interior and we had a good two and a half hour climb. Didn’t quite make the summit, but one to try again in the summer without the three-wheeler. No photos today.

No reading done. Still ploughing through “Life and Fate”. Eaten too many biscuits and too many champagne truffles, but no alcohol this evening. Not in bed as early as I’d like, but it could be worse. Here’s looking forward to tomorrow.