Back to school

Day 2 of the new term sucked. Son1 came into our room, “I feel sick”. Hubby still has (unused) sick bowl beside his bed from the weekend, and passes it over. Son begins retching into the bowl.

That’s him off school for 2 days then.

Somehow, Son2 takes fucking forever to eat his breakfast, and then is unable to find his uniform. That’s another domestic issue but I lost my temper, we got to school late, I felt absolutely bloody awful.

Got through the day. Planned an evening meal. Cooked evening meal using up some stuff that REALLY needed eating up from the fridge.

I need to write a to do list.

Garden – plant out plants from Helen; do some seeds; tackle some of the ‘problem’ plants in the garden

Books – finish reading the crappy John Clare book

Household – do Home Blessing Hour; plan meals; write shopping list; go shopping; post friend’s gift

Music – Download all music; practice; buy train tickets

Food Revolution stuff – Look at recipes devise some sort of activity

Guides – bank cheque; sort out cheques for World Thinking Day fund and Guide Friendship Fund




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