Japanese People

The neighbourhood we are living in is full of hair salons and each one advertises perms. Really??!

I’d not seen any curly haired Nihonjin…..until yesterday.

Here is my list of interesting Japanese people spotted so far:

  • with a perm
  • trans person
  • person with a dog in a pram

I managed to get a snap of the pram.                     2j5N122aQYW1HL+VTs+cEw

One thought on “Japanese People

  1. Lindsay Smith April 18, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    Brilliant. So different from West Cumbria (!) So glad they have KitKat. I would not survive without them. Also, what were the cakes like at the Hot Chic shop. They looked pretty good but did they taste good? Lots of plastic packaging on the fruit and veg. Is there a market where you can buy your marigolds loose? Some pics of inside your house and garden please. So look forward to reading your blogs so, well done and thank you x

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