It’s been so long……

Apologies in the radio silence my end. The first week of May was Golden Week. Apart from Wed and Thur that week, the rest of the days were all public holidays. Dan took those two days off too (the boy were in school for those days), so that we could spend some time together and I came down with a sinus headache and slept through most of it. (Sudafed is a banned substance here. Grrr).

This week the boys are now walking to and from school on their own and I finally have this much dreamed-of time to myself. On Monday I tidied and hoovered the flat; on Tuesday I went to my first ever Pilates class. Yesterday I went to the 11.20 showing of ‘I, Tonya’. It was brilliant. Today I was meant to be meeting a British Mum for coffee but that’s fallen through so I’m off to Pilates again.

I’m also on a mission today to buy tickets for the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo.

More posts filling-in the blanks will be forthcoming, I PROMISE. In the meanwhile, TTFN. X

EDITED TO ADD: getting the Ghibli museum tickets meant being at a Lawson convenience store at 10am. I got to one at 10.02 and had to queue to use a machine. I tried three times to secure tickets but with each attempt, by the time it came to confirming and paying, that slot had sold out. Boo. Thankfully, due to a miscommunication with Dan, he was also trying at another store and DID get tickets, aided by the one of his lovely colleagues. So we have tickets for  June. But I did miss Pilates.