First Post and yes, it’s a cheesy meme

Sarah’s Challenges

1. What book might you re-read in 2013? – I quite fancy having a stab at “Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4” I first read this as a teenager and am sure I’ll get more out of it as an adult.

 2. What local event made you proud of your community? – We went to a couple of ‘Lakes Alive’ events, but especially one called the Banquet at Cleator Moor which involved food, acrobats, storytellers and all sorts of cabaret. Then there’s the Olympics of course.

3. Do you have any reading challenges for 2013?  I liked my friend’s attempt at reading 12 books from her shelves in 2012, so that might be a good one. The downside of the Kindle is that I now have the equivalent to a charity-shop book-buying habit, and my TBR piles both in real life and digitally are massive. I would like to finish some series, namely the last two Harry Potters, and the last two Millennium books.

4. Do you have any creative resolutions/challenges for 2013? – Yes, I think I will try and post on here more once a week and comment meaningfully on comments left by friends. I might try and keep a diary but that always falls to the wayside.

5. Any housekeeping/domestic challenges/resolutions? – Try and continue to declutter and make a deadline for getting the house on the market.

6 . Facebook. Whatcha gonna do about it?! – Stay but perhaps create more filters and definitely visit less frequently.

7. What physical challenges do you have in mind for 2013? Well, I would like to do at least 30 mins exercise each day, ideally 60 mins. Also to resume badminton on a Friday night and to get out for a decent walk in the fells with the boys at the weekend. And to finish the Hadrian’s Wall walk we began in 2011.

8. What personal attribute would you like to improve upon? Patience

9. What will be your tipple of choice this New Year’s Eve? Waggle Dance beer then bubbly.

10. Who do you wish you were seeing the New Year in with? My brother.

2 thoughts on “First Post and yes, it’s a cheesy meme

  1. rubybauble January 15, 2014 / 8:04 pm

    Ooh, didn’t know you were blogging. Great. My book to re-read this year is Moby Dick – only got halfway through it a few years back before losing it on a train. It’s dense but evokes such a rich picture that it’s truly unputdownable.

    • bookwormbird January 15, 2014 / 8:33 pm

      I’ve never even attempted Moby Dick. I’m thinking that 2014 is the year I finish series of books – yup I might finally get to the end of Harry Potter and the Millennium trilogy. Am listening to ‘Bring up the Bodies’ on my 2-hr (cumulative) school runs. Might give MD a try too.

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